About Svadhyaya Yoga™

Yoga class at Silver Lotus WoodsideSvadhyaya Yoga™ is unique because its intention is to cultivate and validate the individualization of the yoga experience through careful guidance and query. The teaching of this style of yoga, therefore, is highly individualized, with small classes and an emphasis on the importance of the trusting relationship between teacher and student. There is not a standard mold that you must fit into to conceptualize the body, the postures, or the breathing (effectiveness and safety are essential to the practice).  The Svadhyaya approach entails carefully guiding students to explore their own experiences getting into, holding and releasing postures and my intentions are to support the students' development of observation, acceptance, non-attachment and harmony.

The yoga I teach emphasizes conscious movement into yoga postures using the breath and body awareness to support flexibility, strength, and stress reduction.  Students are encouraged to explore yoga poses (asana) and breathing techniques (pranayama) within their unique physical, psychological and emotional contexts. Safety and posture modifications to meet individual needs are emphasized.  The sequence and flow of the postures in my classes are designed to release muscle tension; increase blood circulation; promote flexibility of the spine; strengthen the body’s core, shoulders, arms, hips and legs; and improve balance. Each class starts with a centering exercise and ends with a relaxation period.