About Janet Silva

Janet SilvaI began studying yoga in 1992 with Susan Hamadock who founded the Silver Lotus Training Institute (  In 1994 I completed my teacher training at the 200-hour level with Susan Hamadock and have been teaching Svadhyaya Yoga™ continuously since that time.

I have intensely practiced in the Svadhyaya tradition throughout the years while studying other yoga styles as well. I have studied and practiced Kripalu, Bikram, and Ashtanga styles of yoga. I continue to be mentored by Susan Hamadock and currently take classes and learn from local area teachers Carol Iverson and Bobbi Ponce Barger.  I have taken workshops from many nationally and internationally known teachers, including Erich Schiffman, Bikram Choudhury, Pattahbi Jois, Sri Dharma Mittra, John Friend, Stephen Cope,  Nischala Joy Devi and Richard C. Miller.   As significant, I have learned and continue to acquire so much knowledge from my students.

I find myself gravitating toward a gentler practice where I feel my breath keeping me steady and balanced.  My classes mirror my personal practice which means that there will be some challenge and a few laughs in every class. 

Most students come to my class to take care of their health and improve their mood.  They want some relief from demanding situations and they want to feel they used their time wisely by improving their circulation, moving their muscles and joints, increasing their strength, and learning how to maximize balance and breath in yoga practice as well as in life.   They want to leave the class feeling refreshed and renewed.  To meet these needs, my classes help students to release tension through awareness of the body and mind as we breath and use yoga postures to increase flexibility, strength, balance and concentration.  Students learn how to make adjustments for their own personal requirements.  

In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.   I practiced yoga and taught my classes from the day I was diagnosed through the treatment period and have kept going. I am happy to say that I am breast cancer survivor and I feel healthy and strong and thankful to all the students who supported me before, during and after this period. I have introduced new students to yoga who are undergoing or just completed cancer treatment. 

In 1992 when I started taking yoga classes, I was amazed by the experience.  I came into class feeling frazzled and overwhelmed by the day’s events and during class I wished I could do more or better poses.   But somehow despite all my worries and limitations, I always left the class feeling better.  In time, I learned poses I could practice at home.  I could feel my posture improving, my movements becoming more fluid, and I was stronger, more relaxed and confident.  That is why I practice yoga and why I want to share what I have learned with you.